Do not use/define run(), draw(), move(), click(), startPuttingWall(), finishPuttingWall(), reset(), distance(), getDistance(), or car

To draw walls, click on the canvas, move your mouse, click to confirm.

To simulate the real world, there are slight variations when calling the move functions.

forward(); - Goes forward about 1/8th length of the car
backward(); - Goes backward about 1/8th length of the car
right(); - Turns right about 5 degrees
left(); - Turns left about 5 degrees

distanceFront(); - Returns the distance according to the front sensor
distanceLeft(); - Same but left
distanceRight(); - Also obvious

Considered cheating:

car = {
    x: number,
    y: number,
    rotation: number,
    width: number,
    height: number

(Coords and size in pixels, rotation in degrees)